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Until more robust research is published on the topic, it is important for both patients with suspected gluten intolerance and their physicians to focus on the established workup and evidence for these symptoms while respecting the current uncertainty regarding gluten sensitivity.
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I'm used to random medical questions from friends and family, but this one really got me. Is knuckle cracking associated with arthritis? To my dismay, I didn't have an educated answer. Until now.
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Although further investigations may be useful in further legitimizing this innovative method in controlling blood pressure, this study demonstrates that there may be more effective ways in managing hypertension than the current standard of care.
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Coffee is amazing. But like any drug, its caffeine content may carry side effects that outweigh the benefits of consumption. Be smart and take time to understand the health consequences of caffeinated beverages and come to your own conclusions.
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Although the human papillomavirus (HPV) has been recognized as a transmissible pathogen for the past several decades, the controversial use of HPV vaccines has vaulted the pesky bug into eyes of the mainstream media and scientific communities alike.
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Chickenpox was all the rage back in the day.  Oatmeal baths with your siblings, unexplained weekday sleep-overs with pox-laden, peripheral childhood friends.  Even the sweet but short-lived relief of itching and scratching made the week-long Continue reading →
Ed Harris. Mr. Clean. Some men can pull it off. Although my pseudo-coifed crop of hair currently remains intact, I come from a strong line of follicly-challenged hair loss survivors. I know that in the next few years, I too will likely don Continue reading →
This past week, I was hanging out at a café with my good friend Molly doing what I do best: complaining. Because Molly happens to be a doctor of audiology, I decided to customize my generic and drawn-out rants to the matters of the ear. Teary-eyed Continue reading →
For more than a decade, the West Nile virus (WN virus or WNV) has made America its new home, infecting a multitude of unsuspecting individuals each year. With more than 1,000 documented cases and dozens of deaths reported so far this summer, Continue reading →
Insomnia is my schoolyard bully. If sleep is my recess from a busy shift at work, insomnia is the playground mafioso, sauntering over to my place of business, demanding precious hours of sleep like it is some chump-change that I can spare. Continue reading →

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