Medical Humor

When we secretly identified your friendship with phrases such as "small doses" and "could go either way," we certainly did not imply a willingness to rid you from our circle of friends, only to see you figuratively and literally slip into the night.
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Although sources tell me that this next round of medical coding saves even more time for doctors and billing departments, little has been released with regard to the brand new collection of more than 60,000 easy-to-remember diagnostic codes.
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Hey, I heard your doctor is a hypochondriac. He is a friend of a friend of mine, so I happen to know this as an unquestionable fact. I thought you should know. Outlandish, you say? Let me explain.
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Best-case scenario: removing a stethoscope from your coat or purse prior to arriving to the after-work event. Worst-case scenario: mistaking a packet of lubrication you had to carry around during patient rounds for a stick of gum while socializing at said event.
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Listen. I know that you are in your junior year in college. I know that you’ve picked an unsustainable, or unrealistic. major.  For instance, I know that at this very moment in time you have (finally) made the revelation involving your Continue reading →
As this is the season for spanking-new physician trainees to flood hospitals around the U.S., I decided to chronicle my own very first 24 hours as a doctor so the reader can get a better insight into this annual event. 2000 hours, evening Continue reading →

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