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At first glance, this is compelling evidence that e-cigarettes should have an immediate place in addiction medicine. However, no studies to date have reported on the long-term impact -- good or bad -- of sustained e-cigarette use. Continue reading
  Background: Hypertension is one of the most common conditions diagnosed and managed by primary care physicians around the world. Managing hypertension matters, as is it is often cited as one of the leading risk factors for cardiovascular Continue reading →
If we've read evidence supporting our management decisions, let's own it by truly referring to the literature. But if we are only vaguely aware of research that supports a questioned decision, without first taking time to read the evidence and/or supporting editorials and guidelines, let us not sugarcoat our lack of due diligence. Continue reading
Over a year ago, I questioned my daily supplementation of omega-3 fatty acid (triglyceride-reducing agents found in... Continue reading
Although further investigations may be useful in further legitimizing this innovative method in controlling blood pressure, this study demonstrates that there may be more effective ways in managing hypertension than the current standard of care. Continue reading
Last week, Mathieu Boniol, Ph.D. and colleagues drove another stake into the heart of the UV (ultraviolet) tanning bed industry. In their latest meta-analysis, they reported a 20 percent increased risk of cutaneous (skin-based) melanoma in Western Continue reading →
Last week, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study that caused my heart to skip a beat: daily supplementation of fish oil did not reduce the rate of lethal cardiovascular events (heart attack, strokes, irregular heart beat) in patients Continue reading →

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