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Although I continue to believe that these professional qualities are paramount to excellent patient care, I am finding that other, less-obvious proficiencies are also required. Ironically, these skills that I have in mind involve a field what we as physicians know least about: business. Continue reading
This is not a ruthless attempt to crush your dreams and passions. This is not an op-ed on our current health care system. This is targeted toward individuals who are considering medical school in order to practice clinical medicine, written by a physician in postgraduate training. Continue reading
Although it often happens, we do not expect to make new life-long friends. But we do expect to work with individuals that are not only focused on becoming well-trained physicians, but also admired colleagues. Continue reading
Where quality improvement was once a glimmering idealistic notion conjured up by a few pockets of ambitious doctors, it is fast becoming recognized as a permanent fixture in our nation's medical infrastructure. Continue reading
To survive medical school one must be genuinely interested to learn, be ready to jump through hoops when necessary, and be prepared to experience the ups and downs of caring for patients with serious illness. Continue reading
Since the earliest days of medical school, I learned fast to bring my computer wherever I went.  Not only did my laptop function as my personal entertainment center through the dullest parts of lectures, but it also proved to be a source of Continue reading →
I am three months into my medical residency, and I am getting fat.  Not the noticeable change-in-pant-size fat, not yet.  But I am most certain that what was once muscle is now just “padding,” and I can no longer solely attribute the words Continue reading →
Listen. I know that you are in your junior year in college. I know that you’ve picked an unsustainable, or unrealistic. major.  For instance, I know that at this very moment in time you have (finally) made the revelation involving your Continue reading →
As this is the season for spanking-new physician trainees to flood hospitals around the U.S., I decided to chronicle my own very first 24 hours as a doctor so the reader can get a better insight into this annual event. 2000 hours, evening Continue reading →
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