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Although it may be a little tricky to schedule an appointment, it is well worth the wait. To get an initial meet-and-greet exam with the nurse, one must have all standard vaccines previously administered. Continue reading
I am three months into my medical residency, and I am getting fat.  Not the noticeable change-in-pant-size fat, not yet.  But I am most certain that what was once muscle is now just “padding,” and I can no longer solely attribute the words Continue reading →
Listen. I know that you are in your junior year in college. I know that you’ve picked an unsustainable, or unrealistic. major.  For instance, I know that at this very moment in time you have (finally) made the revelation involving your Continue reading →
Whereas chickenpox is a household concept to many of us, shingles occur much less frequently and often much later in life. Continue reading
Being the ever-so-snarky lady that she is, Molly simply replied, "You have tinnitus and are going about it all wrong." I asked her to start from the beginning. Here's how it went down. Continue reading
This past week, I was hanging out at a café with my good friend Molly doing what I do best: complaining. Because Molly happens to be a doctor of audiology, I decided to customize my generic and drawn-out rants to the matters of the ear. Teary-eyed Continue reading →
As this is the season for spanking-new physician trainees to flood hospitals around the U.S., I decided to chronicle my own very first 24 hours as a doctor so the reader can get a better insight into this annual event. 2000 hours, evening Continue reading →
Despite the difficulties of staying hale and hearty during the busiest few years of a physician's career, medical residents not only have a personal responsibility for their well-being but also an obligation to their patients to engage in the sam... Continue reading
Due to this sudden increase in reported West Nile virus infections, major media outlets have been quick to broadcast stories covering this seasonal epidemic, but are lax on explaining how the virus actually works. Continue reading
For more than a decade, the West Nile virus (WN virus or WNV) has made America its new home, infecting a multitude of unsuspecting individuals each year. With more than 1,000 documented cases and dozens of deaths reported so far this summer, Continue reading →
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