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As this is the season for spanking-new physician trainees to flood hospitals around the U.S., I decided to chronicle my own very first 24 hours as a doctor so the reader can get a better insight into this annual event. 2000 hours, evening Continue reading →
For more than a decade, the West Nile virus (WN virus or WNV) has made America its new home, infecting a multitude of unsuspecting individuals each year. With more than 1,000 documented cases and dozens of deaths reported so far this summer, Continue reading →
Earlier this May, nurses around the country were acknowledged on a countrywide scale for their hard work and dedication to patient care during National Nurses Week.  Unfortunately, as with most national appreciation days that I cannot personally Continue reading →
Insomnia is my schoolyard bully. If sleep is my recess from a busy shift at work, insomnia is the playground mafioso, sauntering over to my place of business, demanding precious hours of sleep like it is some chump-change that I can spare. Continue reading →
Last week, Mathieu Boniol, Ph.D. and colleagues drove another stake into the heart of the UV (ultraviolet) tanning bed industry. In their latest meta-analysis, they reported a 20 percent increased risk of cutaneous (skin-based) melanoma in Western Continue reading →
Whether it be a physician, nurse, physical therapist or social worker, health care providers of every kind will often have patients on their service with such serious quirks that the quality of their treatment and recovery may be at risk. Practitioners Continue reading →
Last week, the United States had two reasons to celebrate. I bet you can guess one of them. (Clue: you likely had the day off for it and ate way too many hotdogs as a result of it.) The other, although briefly covered in the media, has mainly Continue reading →
Last week, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study that caused my heart to skip a beat: daily supplementation of fish oil did not reduce the rate of lethal cardiovascular events (heart attack, strokes, irregular heart beat) in patients Continue reading →
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